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Thursday, July 5th, 6pm at DevOpsGroup offices, Cardiff.

One again held at the offices of DevOpsGroup on the 22nd floor overlooking Cardiff, the Meetup was kicked off by Lewis with a brief introduction to CloudNativeWales and its Code of Conduct.

Talk: Cloud Native Logging: “Turning it up to XI.”

Greg Simons

First to speak was Greg Simons, who discussed logging, the 11th factor in the Twelve-Factor App methodology. Greg presented a brief history of the 12 factor approach, which helped to clarify in which circumstances it’s effective.

The remainder of the talk linked together tracing, monitoring, logging and storage, and discussed how to manage the trade-offs between the cost of aggregating, storing and moving this data in and out of your applications.

Lightning talk :zap: : Blue Green Deployments

Dan Twining

Dan presented a very entertaining and informative lightning talk on Blue/Green deployments. The primary focus of the talk was on describing the correct order of steps needed to perform effective Blue/Green deployments, and then presented Netflix’s implementation of this, called Red/Black deployments.

Talk: What Is This Cloud Native Thing Anyway?

Sam Newman

Sam’s talk (a version of which can be seen here - recommended!) cut through the buzzwords of the Cloud Native world and took the Meetup attendees on a whistle-stop tour through the history leading up to “Cloud Native”, and explained what exactly it is and why it’s important. In addition to having vast experience in advising companies on how best to move to the Cloud, Sam also authored the O’Reilly book Building Microservices (already translated into six languages and with a second edition on the way). Sam drew upon these experiences and expertise to help us understand how (when it comes to Cloud Native) everything is related, everything is new, and everything is old all at the same time.

Raffle: Prize of a Conference Pass

The raffle prize was a conference pass to Cloud Native London 2018. Each attendee recieved a raffle ticket for attending the meetup. Attendees could get more raffle tickets by asking a question to one of the speakers.

The winner was Owen Phelps (who asked lots of questions to both Greg and Sam).

We have a discount code CLOUD-WALES-20 if you’d like to join us and Owen at Cloud Native London in September.

The Attendees

Around 40 attendees were present.

The Feedback

At the end of the meetup, we ask attendees to provide feedback about the meetup itself. We ask the attendee to select either a green, yellow or red card as they leave, with the criteria being:

  • Green
    • Have really enjoyed the Meetup and would be happy to attend again.
  • Yellow
    • Enjoyed the meetup but feel that it could be improved.
  • Red
    • Have not enjoyed the meetup and feel that it could be improved.

We recieved all green cards and one yellow. The feedback from the yellow card was to improve the sign in process which caused a delay getting into the venue.

The Gifts

We like to say thanks to the speakers at our events. The time it takes to come up with a talk, plan for the talk and give the talk can often go unlooked, but not at Cloud Native Wales!

  • Dan Twining recieved some local craft ales from Crafty Devil Brewery.
  • We found out Greg Simons is a fan of Whiskey, so a selection of Penderyn Whiskey was presented to him.
  • Sam Newman Twitter feed has lots of board games, so we went to Rules of Play in Cardiff and we’re suggested that London would be a good choice for him.

The Pub

The post-Meetup drinks were held at Small Bar. We had over 20 attendees join us and had many discussion deep into the night.

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