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Wednesday, June 20th, 6pm at DevOpsGroup offices, Cardiff.

At the offices of the (newly-rebranded) DevOpsGroup, on the 22nd floor overlooking Cardiff Castle, the Meetup was kicked off by Lewis and Salman, with a brief reminder of what CloudNativeWales is, and the community’s Code of Conduct.

Then it was time for the first talk!

Talk: Hassle-free, scalable Machine Learning with Kubeflow

Basia Fusinska

Basia works at Google in London as a Strategic Cloud Engineer and has a strong background in both software development and Machine Learning algorithms. She opened her talk by asking the audience for suggestions on how to define Machine Learning. Jupyter notebooks, and then Kubeflow.

Talk: Running Kubernetes without Docker using CRI

Ben Hall

Before containers can launch, they need to be built. Ben gave an overview of how Container Builders are evolving and the benefits and tradeoffs that come from using each of them.

Ben then gave a runthrough of how to run Kubernetes with CRI (Container Runtime Interface) allowing the user to use ContainerD, CRI-O and other container runtimes beyond the (default) Docker container runtime. Ben demonstrated using Katacoda, the in-browser Interactive Learning and Training Platform, which is especially good for learning Cloud Native technolgies.

The Container Runtime Interface. Virtual Kubelet.

Raffle: Prizes of Conference Passes and copies of Cloud Native Infrastructure

Raffle: Prize of a Conference Passes

The raffle prize was a conference pass to Infinite Conf 2018. Each attendee recieved a raffle ticket for attending the meetup. Attendees could get more raffle tickets by asking a question to one of the speakers.

The winner was Owen Phelps (who asked lots of questions to both Greg and Sam).

We have a discount code CLOUD-WALES-20 if you’d like to join us and Owen at Cloud Native London in September.

The Attendees

Over 50 attendees were present.

The Pub

The post-Meetup drinks were held at Tiny Rebel.

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