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We’re sending out tweets and emails to people we’ve met in KubeCon.

Being personal is a core value for us, but there is some content cross-over. Rather than send you several links, we thought we could host a blog post instead to direct you around.

Here’s a clip of what we got up to at KubeCon:

Cloud Native Wales (CNW)

Lewis Denham-Parry and Salman Iqbal are co-founders of Cloud Native Wales, they created it after someone mentioned there were no Cloud Native groups in Wales and woke up the next morning with a lot of work to do.

If you are interested in how we got up and running with our first meetup in 3 months then please look at our 000_CNWSETUP blog post.


Our first meetup went really well, the first speaker talked about Cloud Native with IoT and our second speaker talked about Jenkins X. More information on that can be found on this 001_OURFIRSTMEETUP blog post.

We are planning on having at least one local speaker and one ‘out of town’ speaker for our meetups. We hope that this increases the number of speakers in Wales and help with the adoption towards Cloud Native technologies. The out of town speakers are industry leaders who can give us some insight into their personal experiences.

Future Meetups

If you are a speaker, or looking to get into speaking, then please contact us so that we can arrange an opportunity for you to share your talk at or tweet us at CloudNativeWal.

Book Club

One problem we are trying to solve is having a meetup spread across a country, currently this is our biggest challenge.

After a couple of beers, we came up with a Book Club. We can discuss Cloud Native books, building a supporting community to help each other out and then have a hangout with the author to ask questions. We can speak to the author to ask questions, share stories of how we have used topics in their books or just say thank you. A link to the Book Club initiative can be found on our Book Club page.

Our first 2 books are:

Call for Authors (CfA)

Tired of submitting another CfP? Why not try submitting your book instead. A book club lasts 3 months and we aim to have (at max) 30 people read your book.

The book club starts in the following months:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

Please contact us at or tweet us at CloudNativeWal for more information.


Our core value is to provide great content, remain agnostic and not sell out. The talks should be focused on content and allow the attendees to make an informed decision into if they want to use a technology/product. We do not market to attendees and pass personal contact information to companies. We encourage attendees to speak to sponsors but its at their own free will. If you agree with these principles we would gladly accept your sponsorship.

Venue / Food / Drink - DevOpsGuys

We met the DevOpsGuys at a meetup in Bristol. We spoke to them when we were still trying to get the Meetup setup, and they have been incredibly supportive since then. They are currently recruiting and have a fantastic team.

Speaker Costs - Sponsorship available

We would accept sponsorship to help cover travel costs and accommodation for speakers attending the event.

Event Filming - Sponsorship available

We would accept sponsorship to help distribute footage of the meetup to people across Wales who are unable to attend the event. We are currently receiving quotes from local businesses.

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