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Lightning Talk: Book Club

Lewis ( presented a lightning talk at Swansea Software Development Meetup (SSDM) about the new Cloud Native Wales (CNW) Book Club initiative.

The venue that SSDM have at TechHub, Swansea is fantastic. Its a 2 minute walk from the train station and a really comfortable area to watch and give talks.

The lightning talk was based on the Ignite format of 15 seconds per slide with a total of 20 slides.

Tips learned include:

  • Make sure your speaker notes are in-sync with the slides (you will witness some awkward fumbling at the start).
  • 15 seconds isn’t long enough to explain topics in detail.
  • 15 seconds are perfect to get precise points across.

We filmed the event ourselves, which can be seen here:

Other talks included static site generators (Hugo getting a lot of love), analogies of what development is, why its financially exciting to be a developer at the moment (especially in Wales) and an introduction into BitCoin concepts.

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